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Crystal Face-Rollers: The Magic worker

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Did you know face-rollers have been around since the 17th century?

These rollers act as a massage tool for your face. Use alone or together with your skin care routine. Can be used after applying our face serum to help your skin absorb the serum.


No more puffy skin

Face-rollers have been branded as an effective tool for achieving clear skin - that's not puffy!

It has been vastly advocated that rolling stones across the skin can drain excess fluids from the face, help skincare products (such as face serum, day & night cream) better absorb into the skin, and even fight wrinkles.

Face rollers - good for stimulating the lymphatic system

Jade or other gem stone rollers are known to be beneficial for stimulating the lymph system, which is this vital fluid responsible for relieving the body of its waste and toxins, allowing for a flourishing and healthy immune system.

Lymphatic vessel damage can result in edema, swelling. This can be manually improved massage using face-rollers.

Face rollers - help with under-eye circles, wrinkles, acne, and helping skincare products absorb more efficiently into the skin.

Facial rollers do aid with under-eye puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, acne and product penetration.

Under eye circles this is caused from blockages and tension not allowing the fluids to flow as optimally. The facial rollers assists in that movement, bringing fresh fluid, as well as inviting oxygenated blood to the area, which is like food for the skin.

Wrinkles the facial roller, when used vigorously, can stimulate collagen production so those cells are creating that strength and buoyancy in the tissue, alleviating those crevices.

And if we look at acne under a blanket statement of inflammation, a chilled facial roller can certainly assist with bringing down all of that fluid that can accumulate around those pimples.

Skincare product absorption - the facial roller is providing that light pressing into the skin for serums or oils to deeply penetrate into the skin so the layers below can receive that fuel and hydration.

Finally, adding a fun tool to your skin care routine is always helpful! If you enjoy the process, you are more likely to do it ;)

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