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Headed to your waxing appointment? Here's how you can prep!

Preparing your skin for your waxing appointment can ensure hassle free positive results!

You should always start with thoroughly scrubbing to ensure your wax goes without any setbacks.

- Scrubbing before waxing keeps the dead skin cells at bay, and it allows hairs to break through the surface.

- Scrubbing/ exfoliating will reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs after the appointment. Using a loofah or washcloth, rub an exfoliating cream in circular motions around the area you are booked to get waxed.

It is also important to not shave before your wax, as it makes the process more difficult than it should be. The hair needs to be about 1cm to 2cm long in order for waxing to be effective. It’s OK to tweeze or shave any stray hair a day or two after your wax appointment, but you do need to let it grow out before your next appoitment!


Wear loose, comfortable clothing to the appointment. Avoid wearing skinny jeans or tight fabrics to your appointment. After your skin has been waxed, you are likely to want clothing that won’t stick to you. Wear loose clothing to avoid irritating your skin after the appointment.

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