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Meditation Yoga - Kapalbhati Pranayama: The Steps and Benefits!

Updated: Mar 26

Kapalbhati Pranayama is an effective Meditation Yoga practice!

In Sanskrit word, where ‘Kapal’ means ‘forehead’ and ‘Bhati’ means ‘shining’, and Pranayama is the breathing technique. This is a Shat-Kriya process which helps to flush out the toxins from your body, by cleansing you entirely. A tough week? Kapalbhati pranayama had various benefits, a major one being stress relief. It also oozes out tiredness, further making it easy for you to relax!

Steps to do Kapalbhati Pranayama

1. Sit in Sukhasana, and place each of your arms on both your knees.

2. Your palms should face up, and each of your thumbs should touch the index finger making a circle.

3. Now close your eyes, and inhale deeply by filling your lungs with the serene environment to rest within you, and a better life that awaits you.

4. Focus on the light coming in from the central point of your forehead.

5. Exhale the negativity, confusions, self-harming elements, toxic personalities from your life and mind.

6. Do repetitions for at least 15 minutes at the minimum to gain amazing results, and practice this more often if you feel stuck in life’s situations.

The regular practice Kapalbhati gives you various benefits:

Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama

· Kapalbhati generates heat in your body, dissolving toxins and other waste matter

· It improves the functioning of the kidneys and liver

· It enhances blood circulation and digestion

· The method increases your metabolic rate, thus aiding rapid weight loss

· It stimulates your abdominal organs and is thus helpful for diabetic patients

· It rejuvenates your brain and energizes your nerves

· The process calms you and uplifts your mind

· It gives you a sense of balance and sensibility, making you feel pure and clutter-free

· It eliminates acidity and gas-related problems

· Kapalbhati strengthens your lungs and increases their capacity

· Regular practice of Kapalbhati will activate you and make your face glow radiantly

· It improves memory and concentration power

· The practice clears and activates the chakras in your body

· It helps in curing asthma, sinus, and hair loss

· It keeps depression at bay and fills you with positivity

You can start with just 2-3 minutes of this meditation and work towards 15 min.

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