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Post Sun Skin Care

Updated: Mar 26

Weather-worn skin?

Our Gold facial will have your skin healthy and youthful again in no time.

Nourish the effects of sun exposure with our Gold Facial!

1. Moisturise Skin

The main effect of sun damage is dehydration. Out Gold facial is very effective at adding moisture to the skin. It helps protect skin against further external irritants. The facial is specially useful for sun-damaged skin, which is often more sensitive than usual.

2. Exfoliate Skin

After spending a long time in harsh sun, the skin becomes very dry and flaky, it even starts to peel after experiencing sunburn. This happens due to dehydration, and leads to an accumulation of dead skin cells on outer layer of our skin that will need to be removed.

The exfoliating step our our facial is very effective for this as it scrubs of dead skin cells and reveal your healthy, glowing skin under it. This step of our facial also speeds up the healing process, as moisturisers and serums are better absorbed by skin after the process of exfoliation is done properly.

3. Calm your skin

After spending long time in sun, its important we allow our skin to calm and cool down. The skin on our face is especially sensitive and needs more love.

A good hour of our Goal facial does just that. It clams your skin and allows it to breathe again.

4. Brighten your skin

We all sunbath to enhance our "natural glow", but sadly, the result of sunbathing can often have the opposite effect on our skin.

Our Gold facial is the perfect after sun facial as it brings out that glow in your tanned skin and leaves your face looking both tanned and glowing. That is the reason it is the absolute perfect after sun facial.

5. Anti-aging

Are you aware that sun damage is the leading cause or premature ageing? It causes wrinkles, sun spots and loss of skin elasticity.

Our Gold facial consists of nourishing ingredients reverse the symptoms of ageing and very effectively helps reduce sun spots on skin.

& Finally... Pair this with full face threading!

This will give your face the real post-sun glow - leaving your face glowing, healthy and tanned.

P.S. Drink LOADS of water🖤

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