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Skin Care Routines that can Transform your Skin!

Updated: Mar 26

Sitting at home with very little to do? How about give some attention to that skin of yours. Here are some very fun & natural skin care routines. Enjoy!

The Mini Facial Routine

This routine includes our all organic products. This is a mini-facial routine that will leave your skin fresh & relaxed.

This is a mini version of a facial at our salon.

Step 1: Clean Your Face

Clean your face properly with any face was you may be using. Make sure all the make-up, dust and oil iss off the skin.

Wanna use our face wash? - Tulsi Neem Face-Wash

Step 2: Scrub all the toxins away

Scrubbing helps remove all of the dead skin, dirt, and a vast amount of blackheads. While scrubbing, focus on the areas that are tight and may get dust stuck - edges of the nose, under the lower lip.

Scrub for at least 5-7 minutes.

Wanna use our scrubs (P.S.: these can be used on all body parts)

Step 3: Moisturise

Massage your face and neck with a good moisturizer that suit your skin type! Massage for at least 7-10 minutes for glowing results.

Our moisturisers can be found here. All have different benefits so be sure to read all about them in their description.

Step 4: Mask mask mask!

Always remember to use a mask after scrubbing - we do not want to leave those pores open (they get more prone to storing dirt).

Let the mask sit for 10 - 13 min (or as long as it takes for it to dry)

Wanna use on of our organic face masks? Choose between:

Step 5: Apply face tonic and face serum. These keep the skin soft, remove any fine, marks (when used regularly). Also remember to use under eye serum to remove and/or prevent dark circles/ baggy under eyes etc. Under eye serum is a very important product but is sadly easily forgotten.

We always recommend our Rose Water as a tonic. It is 100% pure rose water and dates and works miracles for every skin!

Some of our very very famous skin serums are:

Under eye serums we cannot get enough of:

Finally end the routine with our oh so loved face massager! These are available in Tiger's eye stone, Rose Quartz and Jade stone. And all of them work like magic. They have many benefits (below) and they help absorb all the products properly into the skin.


1. Calms inflammation

2. Reduces puffiness in the face, especially the under eye area

3. Stimulates detoxification

4. Stimulates lymphatic drainage

5. Promotes product penetration

6. Boosts circulation and oxygenates the skin

7. Brightens the complexion 

8. Tightens pores

9. Reduces wrinkles

10.Plumps up the skin

11.Promotes Product penetration.... to name a few!

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